We have decades of experience handling civil litigation. We know how to prepare a case to advocate on your behalf before a judge or jury. Unlike some other lawyers, we actually enjoy being in the courtroom, and we are not afraid to aggressively litigate your case for you. It’s what we do.


We focus on a few types of matters. But those matters sometimes lead to more general civil litigation. Maybe one of our construction clients has a breach of warranty claim on a piece of equipment. Maybe a family-law client finds herself involved in a will contest. Maybe a successful appeal lands us back in trial court. In appropriate situations, we help with those matters, too. At Johnson, Rosen & O’Keeffe LLC, we have considerable experience handling many forms of litigation, including:

  • Construction litigation – From nonpayment actions to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) cases, we have one of the most experienced construction lawyers in the region.
  • Business litigation – We handle it all, including allegations of unfair business practices and shareholder disputes.
  • Contract disputes – Contract law is extremely detail-oriented and requires an experienced legal mind to navigate disputes properly. We’ve got this.
  • Trust and estate litigation – Fiduciary litigation can get complicated (and painful) quickly. Our experience with litigation helps us handle the technical and procedural parts, and our experience with family law helps us guide our clients through the process emotionally.


Other firms try to be all things to all people. Our extensive legal backgrounds are focused on our practice areas. When it comes to civil suits, we use that experience to find creative solutions that are best for you. We work together, combining our skills and experience to effectively give you a team of attorneys for the price of one. We are a small shop, but we provide a big firm experience without sacrificing the personal attention you need.