Smart construction law is all about building a positive relationship from the ground up. At Johnson, Rosen & O’Keeffe, we want you to avoid the headache of dealing with prolonged litigation whenever possible. You need an attorney with the knowledge and experience of drafting contracts and dealing with disputes. Botttom line? You want to save time and money. We’ve got this.


Due to the high level of specialization required, finding the right construction lawyer can be daunting. Josh Johnson has a reputation as one of the most experienced construction law attorneys in the region. He will be attentive from start to finish. Here’s how he’ll be there for you:

  • Preparing contracts – We’ll examine every detail, ask every question, and make certain you’re covered.
  • Reviewing existing agreements – Josh knows exactly what should be there, and what shouldn’t.
  • Assisting with contract negotiations – You can relax knowing you have the voice of experience on your side.
  • Addressing claims of delay – Some things cannot be helped. Josh will help to make sure you get fair treatment.
  • Mediating disputes – It’s best to have an experienced construction injury attorney on your side, no matter what the dispute.
  • Addressing nonpayment/pursuing payments for contractors & subcontractors – Getting paid in the construction business can be complicated. Josh knows how it works.
  • Litigating and arbitrating construction disputes – There are times when you have no choice but to litigate. When those situations arise, Josh can guide you through the process and he will fight for you in the courtroom.


Those who know Josh Johnson know that he goes beyond just the work. Josh builds trust. Any issue that comes up, he’s quick to sort it out. That’s partly because Josh has more than a decade of experience handling construction law matters both inside and outside the courtroom. You might be looking for a construction accident lawyer, an attorney experienced in contract negotiations, or even just a legal expert to help you get paid.  Josh’s enthusiasm makes the process less difficult, and his dedication helps ensure that all your legal matters receive prompt attention. His excellent reputation is well-deserved.